The Top 4 Instruments You Can Learn At Any Age

GuitarMore people than less listen to music and say they would like to learn how to play, but they aren’t musically inclined. That’s a bunch of malarkey; anyone, at any age, can learn to play an instrument. You just have to have the time, patience, and practice, practice, and practice.

Practice is the key; well, you do need to know your scales, how to read music, and a teacher that knows how to teach music. Artisan’s Journey-Studio is that teacher.

You can take lessons for fun or to learn a new hobby. However, learn to play an instrument at any ages is easier than you think. You don’t even have to like music to learn to play an instrument.

The reason you take lessons is up to you, but learning to play is fun, exciting, and easy, once you make the discussion to learn. Learn together with your child is even more fun for both of you.

Here are the 4 easiest instruments to learn to play at any age:

Guitar – the guitar is a very popular instrument. Once you take enough lessons, you’ll

Music And The Power Of YouTube

Music And The Power Of YouTubeSince its inception in 2005, YouTube has become a force in pop culture and in the world of social media marketing. Besides being a great vehicle to share reviews, information, creative works and events, YouTube is a go-to promotional tool for companies and an opportunity for fame and exposure for undiscovered talent. This article will cover the different uses of music in YouTube Videos.

One of the hottest commodities and increasing trends right now is intellectual property. More people are seeking information and even a sense of community online. With the growing cultural dominance of internet, reviews of new and popular products has become a major way for consumers to research products before purchasing them and additionally, a way for companies to receive boosts in sales (or a tarnished reputation) through word of mouth online. Though this kind of information was originally dispersed through written reviews, a boost in video reviews occurred as more content creators gained easier access to webcams and video phones.

Your average Joe and Janes quickly made use of easy to

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Learn How To Play Music And Piano

Play Music And PianoLearning how to play music on the piano can be very rewarding and satisfying. In these days most people don’t have the time to practice with school or work. Some people don’t even enjoy it because of the failures and hard work. They make excuses of why they stopped when they were young and to the present day regret that decision or don’t even care about it anymore. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a well defined learning system and proper resources playing music can be much less of a burden and much more fun. I am going to discuss the whys of learning piano. In addition, we will find what is required to make playing piano music an enjoyable lifelong experience.

Every aspiring professional, musician, enthusiast and hobbyist wants to learn how to play music and piano.

Mostly because they hear something cool on the radio and want to play it to impress their friends or even better, want to create their own music to put on the radio. Once a person has an understanding for learning music it becomes fun and

How easy to play and find the best of private lessons drum glendale

The drum is a musical instrument that belongs to the percussion instruments. In the game of pop music, rock, and jazz is usually used as a determinant tempo drum beats and also the basis of a composition of a song game. Drum kit or drum set is a group composed of drums consists of snare, hi hat, tom, tom, floor tom bass drum, and occasionally supplemented by an electric drum. Not forgetting there is a disc made of gold-colored metal commonly called by the name of cymbals. cymbals are at least 3 pieces of the drum kit, namely crash, ride and hi hat. In playing the drums there are a lot of basic techniques that you must know about starting from a sitting position to hit her way. So, you need to learn earnest. If you have some problem to learn it, here private drum lessons Glendale will be ready to help you good at in drum. It’s the best and professional one to teach you although you are a beginner.

However, Here some tips for you who start to learn drum:

Upright When Sitting

The sitting position should be upright so that

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Influence Of Music

Music has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Just about everyone has been influenced by music of one type or another at some point in their lives. For a lot of us, music has molded us to be who we are and the way that we think. There are many, many, many types of music from all over the world, and all these types of music has different meanings to all of the people it represents and this to me is the wonder of music.

Music probably started with someone beating on a stone with a stick or the sound of birds (which have always been musical through out time) or maybe even rain, beating down. I’m not sure if anyone really knows the origin of music I’m sure that there are no shortage of theories. Music effects us in many different ways. Some music makes us happy, sad, feel spiritual, celebrate, fall in love and many more emotions the we feel and deal with everyday. In my opinion we must have music to survive because, music is so engrained in our lives. The components of music are so intricate but yet so simple. Basically

So Do Something About It! 5 Tips To Get You Quality Guitar Lessons

If you don’t do something about it is NOT going to happen!

Getting started is probably the most important factor in learning the guitar. It’s probably one of those things you’ve wanted to do for the longest time and have been putting it off for whatever reason. Well now is the time to change that and finally get yourself some good quality guitar lessons. You won’t regret it.

So you are probably asking yourself, how do I go about learning a new instrument when I have absolutely no clue on where to start? Ah ha, that’s exactly where I’d like to step in and help you out! I’m going to give you fivetips to get motivated and put your guitar learning up on your list of priorities so that finally you can do something for YOURSELF! Oh boy do you deserve it!

Tip #1 NO BIG INVESTMENTS -You won’t need any kind of big investment besides your guitar itself which can also most probably be borrowed from a family member or friend. I would advise you to borrow in the beginning just to make sure that you are serious about your guitar learning before

Aspiration Music

Listening to music inspires us to see our true aspirations. It brings within us a feeling of gratification. It’s plain to see the rhythms and lyrics in the music influence our emotions. There is one thing for sure. It certainly gives us hope, comfort, pleasure, energy and a mindful of memories.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling lazy and tired. There is a full day ahead of us with chores and errands to run, or maybe we have to go to work. We all love our cup of coffee of course, but many of us will turn to our music to get us moving. We think to ourselves, “Hmm I’m going to listen to that song that gives me that energized, motivated feeling.” When we hear the music, we get that rushed, powerful feeling. The one that makes us say, “I’m going to do this!” Then we start daydreaming of how our day will be and what we want to see ourselves achieve.

Now some of us will have those days we feel down or sad. So we decide we are going to listen to that song that brings back those old memories. Why? I’m

Drumming Lessons Online

These days you can learn a lot online. From how to bake bread to when to move chilli plants outside. (Those are two things I’ve recently learned) The bread turned out great and I’m looking forward to harvesting my first chilli’s. In this article I’m going to be talking about drumming lessons online. There are many different types from free one off lessons to free courses. Subscription courses as well as one off paid lessons.

Free Lessons

I’m sure you have noticed the amount of free lessons on video sites like Youtube. Some of these are great, some not so much, but they can be a great source of information if you can tell the good from bad. One thing worth realising is the production value of the video doesn’t always relate to the quality of the content. If someone’s playing doesn’t look relaxed or you just don’t like the things the player is doing it’s time to move on.

Free Courses

Some websites offer free drum courses where you can have multiple drum lessons emailed to you. Sometimes these will be one at a time over the course of a few weeks or

A Few Tips Mastering Your Songs

Mastering your mixes

So, you’ve gone through the recording and mixing process, and you’re ready to get your music mastered? Okay, first things first. The main reason why you’re going to apply this to your mix is to have the highest audio quality as possible. In order to acheive this, you must have a professional engineer master your songs with professional equipment in a studio control room. Now, you don’t need to record your songs in a professional studio, but you DO need have them mastered in a professional studio.

Every main stream artist out right now definitely has thier music masteredprofessionally, and that’s what gives it that ‘crisp’ sound. For somebody who views music as more of a hobby than a “career” or goal, then getting your music mastered isn’t neccesarily mandatory… however, it is still recommended. If you are somebody who is looking to take their music to the next level, such as recieving radio play, doing live performances, commercials, etc… then mastering your album/project is imperative. The musician and audience is always delighted to hear music that sounds fanstastic, and mastering your music will give it that little extra boost.

You might

Songwriting Tips

Willy Nelson was once asked “How do you become a great songwriter?” His answer was ”How much hell do you want to go through?”. Though I won’t consider myself in his caliber, well maybe I do, it dosen’t matter. The lesson here is about emotions. All the things you go through in life can be used to write a song.

Many times, you may be in a stressful mood when starting a song, that’s just the way it is. You can go through this hurricane of emotions when starting the song, but like I mentioned and will keep on mentioning, learn the basic rules. Why waste all that energy on a song?, because if you are not following the basics, then you are wasting your time. Don’t try to write a song while driving a car, its dangerous, if you get a idea pull over and write it down.

Songwriting is like a natural drug, when you get on a roll it will pour out of you. There’s nothing better to have a chorus flow out of you, then a first verse. Yes, I said a chorus first thats you core idea, then you can build

Music Making Programs, Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Program For Your Productions

Choosing the right program for your personal DAW could prove to be absolutely outright confusing, especially if you have been searching online for information on which music making programs would be the right fit for your personal production needs.

There’s alot of gibberish on the net that you will soon find concerning which beat makers that you should use; but before we get started with the discussion, I want you to know that the best or right program for you would be the one that gives you the best user experience, and simplifies your work flow. Let’s discuss.

What Makes For A Good Music Making Program?

Two things that you should consider upfront with any software beat making program are what types of sounds are included with the program and the size of the sound library, and also, what are the features of the MIDI editor.

The sound library will be the focal central point of your beat making endeavors, so if you have a crappy sound library or the amount of sounds included is small, you more than likely won’t be able to make any tight beats! Any producer knows that his beats

Can Music Speak?

Most of us have heard the saying that music can speak and even replace words or oral speech. However ,more or less, this statement sounds a little bit hyperbolic, especially if someone is not a musician or has no experience with a musical instrument. But on second thought, while they cannot be compared to words and letters, notes can ,to a certain extent, convey feelings and change the mood of an individual.

To begin with, it is important to mention that music includes various “characteristics” like the melody ,the harmony ,the rhythm, the dynamics etc. All these together contribute to the creation of a piece/song and a change in one of them can completely change the overall result. For example, melodies include different notes played in different octaves. Let’s consider a note to be a letter and then let’s take the word “car”. If we change the final letter to “t” and change the word to cat, it has a different meaning. The same goes for melodies too as a change in one note changes the melody in general. Apart from that, the way we speak and the expression of our face can also alter what we

Easy Guitar Chords

Want A Romantic Evening? Learn to play a few easy guitar chords and your girlfriend/boyfriend will love you for it!

Are you raring to get going with your guitar playing and change your life for the better but haven’t got a clue where to get started? I know the feeling, that’s how I was too about seven years ago. The best thing to do is learn some easy guitar chords which will get you playing a few of your favorite songs in no time. I would recommend first learning the chords G, A and D. This is a really nice compilation and not too difficult to learn.

So let’s take a look at how these chords are formed and try playing them. Remember that the strings on the guitar are numbered from 1 until 6 with 6 being the thickest string at the top. (Low E).

How to play a G Chord:

  1. Put finger number 2 on fret number 3 on string number 6.
  2. Put finger number 1 on fret number 2 on string number 5.
  3. Put finger number 4 on fret number 3 on string number 1.
  4. Strum from the sixth string downwards.

Make sure

Music Is Can Be Use As A Therapy

Music is a great help for me because i’m a loner person and i usually get depress with unknown reason. I remember a line from a song that says, “music gives you happiness or sadness, but it also heals your soul”, which is definitely correct.

I love listening to gospel songs, it really gives me enlightenment to go on with the life that i had, I live in a simple life and music is the only thing that gives me inspiration. Everytime I listen to it even how tired my day was, how exhausted i was, and how down I am. Listening to these songs will really ease and gives me power to over come all the things that came my way.

Not all music are good for the ears, some are can give us relaxation but some can give us headaches. and if we’re going to use music for our patients always choose a kind of music that will help them to cope up from what happen to them. Especially the traumatic patients, we should have known their past . Because giving a wrong music will not help them to cope up on what’s they’ve been through.

Listening to the

5 Tips On Where To Buy A Good Guitar

Finally buying your own guitar?…….Congratulations!

You may find that the time has finally come to buy a good guitar. Especially if you have borrowed one for a while and need to give it back.

Or maybe you are interested in learning online beginners guitar lessons and wanting to invest in your very own guitar. Whatever the reason is I’d really like to help you out and give you a few important tips before you dive in to actually buying your own guitar.

Buying a good guitar can be a daunting experience considering just how many options are available online. And it’s really important that you’re going to choose the right one because otherwise you might find that your learning will be seriously effected.

Tip #1 -BUYING ONLINE – First of all if you are buying online, make sure that you are buying from a popular website which will also give you a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. You don’t want to invest in a guitar from an unknown source.

Tip #2 – PRICE DOES NOT ALWAYS REFLECT QUALITY – Remember that the most expensive guitar is not necessarily the best guitar.

Modern Music

We live in a time where the scope of influence that an artist has means absolutely nothing, as the bottom line is always SALES! Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, and REM have never had a number one single. Rihanna has had ten. Can you name any of the crap that Rihanna has put out? I can’t even name one of her songs, let alone ten. I can name twenty that Zeppelin did off the top of my head, but what does this all boil down to? I ask myself on a regular basis, “what is the state of modern music?”.

In one sense, you can say that the originality is dying. The decline of radio, sampling, and money hungry record companies are all contributing factors to the death of originality. Because regular radio is on the decline, many artists, (including myself) have been forced to spend more time marketing themselves than being creative with their music. Sampling has also been something that I have vehemently despised since the eighties, unfortunately, it’s only gotten worse, as whole songs have been stolen and “rapped” over. See Kid Rock as an example. The last nail in the coffin of originality would

Beginners Guitar Lessons That Will Change Your Life!

Welcome to my introduction on beginners guitar lessons, and I’m really glad you’ve come by. I hope I’ll be able to help you out with a few things I learned when I got started and at the same time save you some time and maybe even light up a little spark of enthusiasm that will be life changing! You see any kind of musically instrument, but in my opinion guitar can absolutely change your life.

You know why? Well there are actually a few reasons, firstly you’ll be doing something for yourself which is a miracle in itself isn’t it?? As you know we are always doing things for other people but we leave ourselves a little neglected to say the least. Secondly there is an artistic aspect to music that connects with your inner self and brings out the best in you. Thirdly people who play musical instruments are generally healthier than others, that’s because they are relaxed and confident.

There are many different types of beginners guitar lessons online and most of them can be obtained without paying at all. Sometimes you have to sign up to get the free course but it is

Yamaha P85 Digital Piano Review

If you are in the market for a digital piano, researching and deciding on the model to buy may be a considerable task. You want to think about the sound quality, features, size, price, and your individual needs. This article is about the Yamaha P 85 digital piano and I hope that it’s helpful to you.

The Yamaha P85 Keyboard Features:

  • the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) system, giving you authentic sound by means of recorded acoustic samples
  • 10 voices (sounds) including strings, vibraphone, and grand piano
  • a dual voice feature allowing you to play 2 sounds at once
  • a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard providing genuine, expressive key touch, like an acoustic piano
  • 88 keys (the number on a standard keyboard)
  • a weighted keyboard providing a realistic feel
  • a headphone jack for silent practice sessions
  • a built-in metronome for playing in perfect time
  • built-in speakers
  • a recording feature for playback
  • a lightweight (under 25 lbs) slender design, great for portability and the performing musician

As with anything else, the Yamaha P 85 has a few drawbacks but there are solutions.

  • The built-in speakers do not deliver perfect sound so, for a good response, it’s best to use headphones or a sound system.
  • There is no

Where To Buy A Ukulele And Knowing What To Buy

With the vast choice of Ukuleles around, buying your first Ukulele can be a hard and daunting experience and probably lead you to buy the first one you see or hold and this could be a disaster if you do not know what you are buying.

It is very important to know about Ukuleles with facts like the size, make and type and also the price, stay well away from very cheap Ukuleles as these are more ornaments with brutal sound and perfect for your mantle piece. Know your Ukulele and you can find a lot of places be it shops or online where you can find a quality Ukulele. Here are some quick tips…

Size Of Ukulele!

Very important before you buy one. A small Ukulele has a higher tone and is perfect for strumming but more for kids as a larger size produces louder sounds and  is better for finger picking and difficult chord playing.

Type Of Ukulele!

There are four types of Ukuleles, Soprano (small standard size perfect for beginners), Tenor (largest or traditional Uke’s and popular with professional musicians) Concert (a little bigger than the soprano and smaller that

What Effect Does Music Have On You

Do You Think Music Effects you

I am a huge music fan. I listen to a bit of everything, but there one constant when I listen to music. I know that music effects me! Music can make me happy, sad, excited, pumped, calm, relaxed, sleepy, and emotional.

Types of Music

I think that types of music and different songs effect me differently. When I am trying to focus on athletics I listen to music that gets me going. Sometimes rock, rap, punk, metal, or R&B. There are a ton of genres and it all depends on my mood and if there has been a song that I have heard recently that gets me jacked.

When I am trying to focus like right now while I am writing this my playlist is all Mayday Parade and Jacks Mannequin. These types of pop punk songs soothe me and helps get my creative juices going. They allow me to sing a little, and when I focus on the song things just come to me when I am trying to put my thoughts on paper.

When I do things around the house I enjoy listening to songs